Exemplary Legal Counsel For Corporate Clients And Individuals Alike

We at C.T. Lee & Associates, in New York City, serve you better when we understand your business, your industry, your challenges and your objectives. The return on investment from this approach is invaluable to everyone we represent.

Results-Oriented And Committed To Our Clients

An effective solution produced cost-efficiently is the business world's Holy Grail. Achieving our clients' goals is our top priority, but we understand that managing legal costs is an important part of that equation.

The kinds of representation we provide include:

Accomplished ♦ Disciplined ♦ Equipped

Our clients benefit from our depth and breadth of experience, our innovative legal strategies and an unwavering work ethic. We are there for you from the first time you come to our office until your matter is entirely resolved. We provide quality representation for clients inside and outside of New York. While we strive to settle matters without the need of going to trial, we are comfortable trying cases in court, arbitration, mediation and administrative settings.