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The legal team at C.T. Lee & Associates in New York City, understands that the “need for speed” is essential to remain competitive in today’s corporate environment, but it should not come at the expense of personal attention and the development of customized solutions.

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Our Multilingual Associates

Our multilingual business and H1B lawyers and legal support team reflect our international clientele. Clients who speak Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or English work directly with our attorneys.

New York H1B Lawyers Serving The World’s Immigration Needs

We assist corporate clients and individuals from more than 30 different countries including China and Singapore to Ukraine, Mexico and throughout South America. We resolve disputes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Contact the Manhattan immigration lawyers at C.T. Lee & Associates by calling (212) 566-5509.

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The Best New York H1B Lawyers & Immigration Attorneys

C.T. Lee & Associates is a strong team of highly experienced NYC H1B lawyers & immigration attorneys. With our wide range of services from complicated immigration cases, international investments and real estate leasing to mergers and acquisitions, real estate title clearing and corporate disputes, our dedicated immigration lawyers will provide qualified assistance employing our in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise.

Any legal matters, and especially immigration, are usually time-sensitive. Our extensive experience allows us to offer careful consideration to every single case quickly and efficiently.

Immigration Law Services: H1B Visa Lawyers in New York

C.T. Lee & Associates strong team of dedicated U.S. immigration lawyers specializes in a wide range of immigration law matters: from family, study, employment to complicated deportation, asylum and removal defense cases, our immigration attorneys in New York will offer assistance and guidance:

We pride ourselves in offering the highest standards of services, taking on the most vulnerable and difficult of cases while maintaining integrity and honesty acting in your best interest. You will have direct communication with an immigration attorney throughout the entire process as we believe that clear communication is key to positive results.

Business & Employment Immigration US Lawyers

Our extensive experience with both business law and immigration matters, allows us to help businesses and individual entrepreneurs obtain work visa based on business activity in the United States. Although it can be a long and complicated process, having C.T. Lee Law & Associates on your side will help you make the best possible case: we will carefully review your options and find a unique custom solution.

Our in-depth knowledge of both corporate and business US law allows us to provide recommendations and execute the best possible solutions that will define success of your application. We do not only provide recommendations for your immigration matters, but also ensure the legislative compliance of your business as well as government affairs compliance and legislative matters.

C.T. Lee Law Attorney in Law aid with business immigration to the following individuals:

We work with a wide range of American business visas such as:

Family American Visas and Immigration Lawyers In New York

C.T. Lee & Associates family and study immigration attorneys are New York-based expert legal counsel on a wide range of immigration matters, including complicated ones such as deportation defense, asylum, naturalization, waivers and appeals.

Family ties allow you to obtain an immigration visa or permanent residence (green card), which enables you to legally live and work in the US. Some of the visas for family-based immigration are:

Depending on your relationship ties to the applicant as well as your country of citizenship (US citizen or US green card holder), the case can be processed quickly or be last for many years. Immediate relatives get the highest priority. C. T. Lee & Associates Immigration lawyers will ensure that your family immigration application does not have any glitches and drawbacks. Presenting your family immigration case in a favourable way can drastically reduce the waiting period that can last from 6 months to 20 years.

Study & Visitor US Immigration Visas

C. T. Lee & Associates offer top-of-the-range new and reinstated student visas. Our team with many years of experience will ensure that your US study permit application process will go smoothly, providing aspiring students the best recommendations for their unique case.

Student visa application can sometimes be a complicated process, with various options available for students to enter and study in the US:

EB-5 & E-2 Immigration Lawyers In New York

Investment immigration to the U.S. can be a very costly process which requires a lot of pre-planning. You need to ensure that your tax and financials are in line with the investment immigration laws and requirements. There are various options for the investment immigration to the US visas: