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News headlines are full of reports about violence being perpetrated on individuals around the world due to their race, religion or political beliefs. Foreign nationals who are in the United States and who fear persecution if they return to their homeland may seek asylum protection. If granted asylum, you will be able to live and work in the United States, and apply for permanent residency one year after you are granted asylum.

In addition to granting asylum due to threat of persecution based on race, religion or political beliefs, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) grants asylum to individuals who face persecution due to nationality or membership in a certain social group, such as sexual preference.

The U.S. government also has determined that individuals who have been forced to undergo forced abortion or forced sterilization fall under the category of political asylum. Furthermore, individuals who have been persecuted in the past or will be persecuted in the future for refusing to abort or refusing to undergo sterilization are also eligible for asylum under the political opinion category.

To apply for asylum, you must submit Form I-589 for asylum and for withholding of removal within one year of your arrival in the U.S. Do not delay in contacting us to help you with this process.

The experienced immigration lawyers at C.T. Lee & Associates in New York City assist foreign nationals who seek asylum in the United States. If you are eligible for asylum, or if you have had a petition for asylum denied, we can help. Applicants can include a spouse and any children who are under 21 and unmarried.

Appealing A Denied Petition

If an immigration judge has denied your application for asylum, you must appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) within 30 days of the judge’s decision. If the BIA upholds the judge’s decision, you have another 30 days to appeal to the Circuit Court in your region. If the appeal to the Circuit Court is not successful, you may appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In some instances, you can file a motion to reopen or reconsider an asylum petition even if it falls outside of the 30-day limit. A motion to reopen an asylum petition can be filed only if there are new facts to your case that were not available when your case was being tried before the immigration judge. You may file a motion to reconsider a judge’s ruling if the immigration judge or the BIA incorrectly applied U.S. law or U.S. government policy and the decision is incorrect as a result.

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