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Corey Lee speaking at Narrows Senior Center

DECEMBER 10, 2018 Over 20 seniors showed up for the event, most of them are already green card holders, they were desperate to know what to do to avoid troubles in terms of being a U.S citizen. Corey explained the definition of “public charge”, which may include those who have been receiving Medicare, Medicaid, food stamp or other kinds of government benefit programs. The seminar also covered the topic “Special Immigrant Juveniles” program, and how Trump administration affects it.  For juveniles who are under 21, and if they have been abused, abandoned, or neglected by a parent, they may...

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Corey Lee speaks at Pace University

OCTOBER 19, 2018 Corey Lee was invited to Pace University to give a speech on H-1B visa and other types of visas that allow international students to stay in the U.S legally after they are graduated. Topics covered introduction on H-1B, O-1, L-1 and EB-5 visa. Over 20 Chinese international students participated in this event and most of them were interested in applying for H-1B visa next year.  Many students were concerned about the transition from OPT period to H-1B visa, especially when it comes to keeping their status legally. For those whose major are arts related, O-1...

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NYC Lawyer Corey Lee Meeting Members of Istanbul Business Community

AUGUST 23, 2018 Speaker Atakan Zilifli and Corey Lee co-hosted a real estate seminar in Swisshotel Istanbul, focusing on how to get an EB-5 green card via real estate investment in Miami Florida.  They introduced four available real estate projects including The Palms, The Highlands, Capri Tower and South Bronx Hotel. Through investing on one of these projects with least $50,000 US dollars, investors can obtain a conditional green card for two years. Investors can later on remove the condition to become a permanent U.S resident. Some other visa options were also introduced, such as E-2, L-1, EB-1A and...

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Is it easier for USCIS to deny applications now?

AUGUST 16, 2018 USCIS issues two new policy memos on NTAs (Notice to Appear) and RFEs (request for evidence) and NOIDs (notice of intent to deny). The NTA memo from USCIS dated June 23, 2018 implements President Trumps Executive Order, “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States.” This order directs agencies to remove aliens (including those who are deportable or inadmissible) from the U.S. without exceptions. Those who have been: Convicted of criminal offense;Charged with a criminal offense and hasn't been resolved;Committed an act considered to be a chargeable criminal offense;Engaged in fraud/willful misrepresentation in their...

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