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Helping You Obtain EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Green Cards

EB-1 visas may be obtained by people who are recognized as having extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, athletics, education or business, and who are coming to the United States to work in their field of expertise. These so-called “priority workers” receive high priority for U.S. green cards.


An EB-1 visa does not require the applicant to have a job offer from a specific employer. Rather, an EB-1 holder serves as his or her own sponsor and is admitted to the United States on the strength of merit of the visa holder’s extraordinary ability. As a consequence, the process to obtain an EB-1 visa is much faster than other types of employment-based green card applications because no labor certification by the U.S. Department of Labor is needed.


An additional advantage of an EB-1 visa is that it actually serves as a green card, meaning the holder is actually a permanent resident of the United States. An EB-1 visa holder must continue to work in his or her field, but he or she does not have to continue working with a certain employer in order to maintain EB-1 status. Also, reapplication is not necessary if an EB-1 holder changes employers.​

Establishing EB-1 Status

The immigration lawyers at C.T. Lee & Associates in New York City help individuals and corporate clients prepare petitions for extraordinary ability green cards. The “priority worker” category for obtaining an EB-1 visa is divided into three subcategories:


– EB-1A: Workers of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics


– EB-1B: Outstanding university professors or researchers


– EB-1C: Executives or managers of multinational companies being transferred to the United States


Our experience in effectively representing individuals for EB-1 and all other types of visas allows us to identify stumbling blocks ahead of time and support valid applications. We will help you collect and present supporting documentation to improve the likelihood that your application will be approved the first time through.

You Will Work Directly with a
New York EB-1 Visa Expert

We emphasize on clear communication and a personal approach. Our clients work directly with an attorney from the initial consultation through the resolution of the case. We are quick to respond to client needs, available to answer your questions and intent on keeping you informed of the status of your case.

Need help with any kind of EB-1 Visa Immigration issues? Contact us now!


Attorneys Protecting the Rights of Immigrants

Few areas of law impact the long-term future of individuals and businesses as much as immigration law. The attorneys at C.T. Lee & Associates understand this, which is why we carefully analyze every client’s needs before developing a strategy that is designed to achieve each client’s goals as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible. See below for our list of services within immigration.