EB-3 Skilled And Unskilled Green Cards

Professional Guidance In Obtaining EB-3 Skilled And Unskilled Green Cards

EB-3 green cards are for skilled workers who have a baccalaureate degree or who can show that they have at least two years of training or work experience as a skilled worker, professional or “other” worker. For example, nurses often apply under the EB-3 visa category. Unskilled workers also may be granted an EB-3 visa if there is a shortage of filled jobs in their field in the United States. However, the work cannot be temporary or seasonal in nature.

Labor certification from the U.S. Department of Labor that confirms the applicant will perform work for which other workers in the U.S. are not available is required. The employment immigration lawyers at C.T. Lee & Associates in New York City assist individuals and corporate clients with the EB-3 visa application process.

As with all other holders of employment-based immigrant visas, those who are approved for an EB-3 green card may apply for permanent legal residence along with the green card holder’s spouse and children.

As its name implies, EB-3 visas get third preference in the EB category. Any unused portion of the EB-1 and EB-2 annual visa quota will be carried over to the EB-3 pool of available visas. The large number of people who qualify for EB-3 visas results in far more applicants than there are available visas. A wait of five to seven years is not uncommon, and can be even longer for applicants from India, China and the Philippines.

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