EB-5 Real Estate Investment Program

Path to the US Citizenship through purchase of real estate in Florida

Immigrant Investor Program

By investing in our properties you and your family will qualify for EB-5 Visa, which turns the clients investment into a pathway to permanent residency in the United States. This is how it works:

Benefits of the EB-5 Program

In comparison with the other employment and family-based Green Card categories, the EB-5 program offers an expedited way for qualified foreign investors to obtain an US Green Card and US citizenship.

EB-5 Real Estate Investor Eligibility Requirements

For over twenty years, foreign investors and their families have been obtaining permanent residency in the United States through the 5th Employment-Based Preference (EB-5) visa program.

To qualify for the EB-5 program, a foreign investor must invest at least $500,000 in a new commercial enterprise located in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA), which is defined as a rural location or a location experiencing an unemployment rate that is at least 150% of the national average. If the new commercial enterprise is not located within a TEA, then the threshold investment amount is $1,000,000. Regardless of the minimum investment amount, the investment must be shown to create or maintain at least ten direct, indirect, or induced jobs within the vicinity of the project.

Right Strategic Partner

When making an investment, having the right strategic partner is key. Based in Florida, Blue Road is an integrated developer that offers its clients a range of services which cover acquiring, remodeling and managing assets that are supported by real estate.

Apart from lending our expertise in finding a property that suits our client’s preferences, we also specialize in securing deals the for foreign investors, helping to acquire permanent US residency under the EB-5 program.

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