Accomplished New York City Litigation Attorneys

C.T. Lee & Associates is  equipped to litigate any phase of a dispute, from sending an attorney’s  letter to conducting a jury trial. Our team of New York City litigation  attorneys strives to prepare our clients during every phase of a case  and to provide counsel on the best pre-litigation strategies and risks.  We are experienced negotiators who strive toward getting the best  possible settlement we can for our clients because we know that the  majority of cases do not go to trial but end in settlement before trial.  However, C.T. Lee & Associates is experienced and ready to litigate  the case all the way to trial if necessary.

C.T. Lee & Associates has advised clients in all stages of disputes, including litigation of:

Business And commercial disputes

C.T. Lee & Associates has handled multimillion-dollar corporate  contract cases, as well as other complex corporate matters. Generally  corporations try to settle disputes before accruing high court and  litigation costs, but C.T. Lee & Associates is experienced and  prepared to fight for and against corporations until clients’ goals are  achieved. These types of cases often involve repayment of a large debt,  contract disputes, and shareholder disputes.

Immigration issues

C.T. Lee & Associates is very experienced in litigating  immigration matters as far as the client needs. This includes  petitioning and arguing to the Board of Immigration Appeals, writing a  Writ of Mandamus, as well as arguments in front of federal Circuit  Courts. We regularly appear in immigration court to defend our clients  against removal from the United States.

Personal injury claims

C.T. Lee & Associates pursues personal injury claims quite often.  These claims include slip and fall, car accidents, and other incidents  where people have been injured. Mostly, these claims are disposed of  before trial, but C.T. Lee & Associates refuses to accept small  damages reward for clients than they should receive. Because of this  hardline advocacy for our clients, occasionally personal injury claims  need to be pushed all the way to trial so that the jury can award the  client what he or she deserves. C.T. Lee & Associates is experienced  and unafraid of fighting through trial for clients.

Suits Against The Federal And Municipal government

C.T. Lee & Associates specializes in suits against the federal  and city government. The NYPD is well-known around the world for being a  tough police force, and many times, the police go too far. C.T. Lee  & Associates strives to protect people from wrongful arrests and  arrests with excessive force by suing the federal and city government  for misconduct by police officers. Litigation is often necessary when  the government refuses to recognize the mistreatment of its citizens,  and C.T. Lee & Associates makes sure that clients get the justice  that they deserve.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation most often involves a seller keeping the down  payment to a property and refusing to return it if the property does not  close. It can also include disputes between couples after a divorce or  disputes between family members after the death of a family member. C.T.  Lee & Associates can handle many types of real estate litigation  disputes, both from the plaintiff and the defendant’s side. Please  enquire to see whether we can serve your legal needs.

Criminal Litigation

C.T. Lee & Associates can handle both state and federal criminal  litigation. For state court our firm has handled many different types of  cases including driving under the influence (DUI), drug offenses,  prostitution, and domestic violence. For federal court, we have handled  cases including a complex white-collar crime case involving smuggling  and harboring illegal immigrants to cases such as a complicated case  involving Medicaid fraud.

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