Another Fake University Sting Leads to 8 Arrests

January 30, 2019

The University of Farmington, a proud institution in Farmington, MI, is no more.

Or, to be more correct, it never was.

That’s because the university was actually part of a major sting operation by the federal government to identify people helping ‘students’ stay in the US illegally. The university had no staff or faculty, no classrooms, and no campus. Instead, recruiters conspired with undercover US agents to allow for people to enter or stay in the US under student visas through admission into the fake college, in exchange for fees and kickbacks. Eight different “recruiters” have since been arrested and charged as a result of the sting.

The operation was similar to one conducted in 2016, which used the fictional “University of Northern New Jersey”. Students paid for entrance to the university and the student visas, but never attended classes, met faculty, and were encouraged to work instead. That operation lead to the arrest of 21 people for visa fraud. Over 1000 students were summoned to immigration court, facing penalties up to a lifetime ban from the US.

The moral of the story: any person attempting to enter the US should protect themselves by getting legal counsel and ensuring the validity and legality of their visa status. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

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