How Will the Government Shutdown Impact Visa Requests?

January 11, 2019

With the US Government currently facing one the longest shutdowns in its history and with no sign of a deal between President Trump and Congressional Democrats, it is fair to wonder how this will impact the government agencies handling immigration requests.

The good news for potential immigrants and visa holders is that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services are *mostly* unaffected. The USCIS stated in a newsletter that their “offices will remain open, and all individuals should attend interviews and appointments as scheduled” and noted that they “will continue to accept petitions and applications for benefits requests…”. Thus, it appears that most immigration processes will be largely unaffected despite the current shutdown and dysfunction in Washington.

However, there are some areas that will be affected, including the “E-Verify” website used to determine work eligibility in the U.S. All E-Verify services are currently unavailable, and the website, while accessible, is not being actively maintained. Potential immigrants and employers should find other methods of determining eligibility status until the shutdown is over. 

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