NYC Immigration lawyer Corey Lee talks about opportunities for foreign students to work and live in United States.

Seminar On EB, O1 and H-1B Visas

February 19, 2016

On Feb 19, our company orchestrated a seminar about Immigration Visas in the office. There are more than 20 international students participating in this event. Some of them are studying arts, some are working for nonprofit or for little firms.

There are several ways that foreign students can choose to work or live in U.S, including H-1B(Specialty Occupations), O1 (Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement) and EB( Employment-Based Immigration). We put USCIS’s terms into charts to help participants better understand requirements. Based on plenty cases we had done before, Corey even pointed out which part should be very cautious about during processing vias. For example, in H-1B, the job description should relevant to the student’s background.

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